NCCU Fellows 2018

Shelvia Dancy, Instructor, Department of Mass Communication, “More Sinned Against Than Sinning” – A History of the Black Press
Tony A. Frazier, Assistant Professor, Department of History, The African Presence in the English Archives, 16th-20th Centuries
Collie Fulford, Associate Professor, Department of Language and Literature, Digital Humanities in First Year Composition
Lenora Helm Hammonds, Assistant Professor, Department of Music, Interpreting the Arts: A Digital Library for Humanities Teaching in the Performing and Visual Arts
Charmaine McKissick-Melton, Associate Professor, Department of Mass Communication, Historical & Contextual Advertising Timeline
Julie Nelson, Assistant Professor, Department of Language and Literature, Rhetorical Visions: Creating Visual Stories and Digital Arguments
W. Russell Robinson, Assistant Professor, Department of Mass Communication, 21st Century Black Masculinities: A Digital Archive of Video Oral Histories


Candace Bailey, Professor, Department of Music, Uncovering African-American History through Material Culture, A Digital Humanities Proposal for Student Engagement
Claudia Becker, Professor, Department of German Language and Literature, Multimedia Storytelling: Comparing and Contrasting Emigrants’/Immigrants’ Voices from Films and Real Life
Lisa A. Carl, Associate Professor, Department of Language and Literature, Department of Mass Communication, Early American Literature and Culture Website
Matthew Cook, Professor of Postcolonial and South Asian Studies, Department of Language and Literature
Jarvis Hargrove, Assistant Professor, History, African History as told through African Owned Newspapers, 19th-20th Centuries
Kathryn Wymer, Associate Professor, Language and Literature, Uncovering the Spirit of Place at North Carolina Central University