Conference: Michigan State’s “Global DH”

March 22-23, 2018. Registration is still open, but it will also be live streamed.


Summer Training

There are a number of summer workshops that train scholars in various digital methods.

DHSI (Digital Humanities Summer Institute) –

There is a DHSI information session happening on Thursday, November 16th, at Duke.

HILT (Humanities Intensive Learning & Teaching) –

DHOXSS (Oxford University) – (Ask Candace Bailey about her attendance at this workshop.)


Notes & take aways from HASTAC 2017. (

An overview: My HASTAC experience focused on questions of centering community & communication in our digital work. Questions such as “who is a scholar” were answered “whoever identifies as a scholar”. Emphasis in both research & teaching on inclusivity, shared credit, collaborative ownership & authorship, recognition of different kinds of academic labor, and community exchange/partnerships as public scholarship.